B32: The Sneaky Stack

A couple of months ago as I was trying to assemble a portfolio to challenge placement in a second semester of basic drawing class. Part of the required portfolio was supposed to be a sketchbook. Well, I've always hated sketching in a book, so, naturally, I don't keep one. Instead, I decided to cobble together a sampling of loose-paper sketches that I had laying around. This task was met with some difficulty though, as I kept rifling through papers thinking, this is all lousy stuff! Don't I have any good stuff?

Apparently, I'd consolidated my good stuff into a pile some months previous, and subsequently forgotten where I'd stowed it. I was quite pleased to rediscover that pile today. I came across this little drawing (about 8cm wide) that I'd forgotten all about, and I thought, that little doodle needs to go on the blog! Transistor talk. PNP parlay? Something like that.

Incidentally, my challenge was successful, even though my "sketchbook" was all B-grade stuff. Yay getting-by!

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