B1S: My, My, The Time Do Fly

Time to get this blog crackin' again!  Rather than write at length about my love of old computers and my trials at MOS 6502 assembly coding, from this point on this is going to be an illustration/drawing/art blog.  I gave some consideration to starting an entirely new blog for this purpose, but I decided the old Bruised Terrestrial was really the place it wanted to go. So!

To start: a picture. I lovingly roughed this out in pencil on a nice, heavy piece of paper with the intention of rendering it in ink, but as I laid the first brushstrokes I realized this was absolutely the wrong paper for that purpose: luscious, toothy, beautiful... and horrifyingly bleedy paper -- a near-fatal mistake. But it had to get done, and so I went after it with 6B and 8B pencil, which gets pretty close to black, and here we have it.  A worthwhile exercise, albeit a tedious one.

There are two other pictures in this series which I may or may not post at a later date.

That's a start, right?  Yep, it is.  Good job, Adam.  Welcome back!  I now leave you, and busy myself with congratulatory pats on my own back.

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