B1U: Laborious!

One of the problems I run into working digitally is that because I'm forced to draw inside a windowed-off part of the piece all the time, I end up falling in love with details, then zooming back to see that they simply do not work in the larger context. This illustration that I've just finished tonight was a case of that happening over, and over, and over again. And, no surprise, it took five times as long as it likely would have had I done the whole thing on paper.

It's He-Man and Teela, for cereal:geek. I'm depicting the scene at the end of "The Problem With Power" where He-Man carries Teela off into the sunset, ostensibly because she may be injured after a positronic bomb blast, but we all know he's doing it just because he wants to.

Once the drawing was done and sent, I set about playing with colours, as I so often do. And, more specifically, I set about fine-tuning my make-it-look-just-like-an-old-comics-page technique. A detail follows. I think I'm gettin' pretty close. 

A full-view of the comic-coloured image can be seen over at my deviantART page.

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  1. Just discovered this blog via Comics Alliance. Holy Jeez! You are amazing and this is particularly amazing.